Sunday, May 12, 2024

What's in your head? Zombie, Zombie

     Zombicide Black Plague is a 1-6 player game by CMON games, where players fight against a necromancer, hordes of zombies and nightmarish abominations. The box comes with 70 zombies to paint up. Most are generic, but there are two special zombies, Runners and "Fatties" as the manual calls them. The player controls your typical dwarf, human, and elf characters. While slaying zombies, your character instantly improves in skill.

     My goal right now is to paint up one hero, the necromancer, abomination as well as enough zombies to fill up the rest of the board (probably like 20 for solo). Basing every miniature was probably a bit much, but I did pick a simple three colour scheme for the zombies, mixing colours between hats, shirts and pants, hoping it would speed up painting. This is what I have finished so far.

    Ooops, those pictures probably could have been a bit clearer. If you couldn't see it, there are 12 zombies, with 2 "bulky" zombies and 3 runners in the mix. 

    After painting up a small batch, I might start another three colour scheme to add in a bit more variety. 70 in this colour scheme might blend in too much. There are some accessories that haven't been accented with their own colours, I might come back to finish those once the other zombies are done, for now these are finished.

    I wasn't going to count this towards Monster Mayhem as they aren't nearly monstrous enough for the challenge. The real monster here is my photography!

Painted: 12
Purchased: -17
Total: -5

Next on the Hobby Desk

    I am rounding the bend on some of the monsters that I have been painting up. Stay tuned to check them out!

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Tail Feathers

     One board game that I have been focusing on is Tail Feathers. Just replace the ships in the x-wing miniatures game with mice riding birds, and you basically have Tail Feathers. It is set in the Mice and Mystics setting, which has you control a Prince and some of his followers as they explore the castle to undo the spell that has changed them all into mice.

Expansions seemed to have been planned for the game, possibly new mice and bird ship models sold separately, but it must not have sold well enough to warranty Plaid Hat's investment. Where is my pelican bomber? 

Delusional requests aside, here is what I have actually painted. 

Autumn Archer Mice

Crossbow Rats

Both Tail Feathers Infantry 

    With the infantry in the bag, all that's left are the bird with riders and a measuring stick. I am looking forward to painting fun bird colours, but that will need to wait. I have joined the Monster May(hem) again this year, so that will be my number 1 project for the rest of May. 

Painted: 13
Purchased: -30
Total: -17

Next on the Hobby Desk 

    I have zombies from Zombicide Black Plague that I have been batch painting off and on between projects. Hopefully complete a couple monsters too.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

March painting, finally.

     After a productive first two months, I have started to slow down on the painting it seems. Not because I don't have stuff to paint, but I am a bit directionless as I don't have any specific wargame that I am currently playing. This blog entry is well overdue, as a lot of the miniatures have been finished in March and it's apparently mostly thought April now!?

    First up, a triple threat of metal harpies from Gamesworkshop. I bought these when Thunder games and gifts closed in January. Frostgrave has peaked my interest recently, so now I wish I had painted them in cooler colours. Doesn't matter, still enjoyed painting them, pick out more metal minis to paint soon.

S'Kara, female Skoli (reaper miniatures) was painted up to about 90% last year, adding I couple more colours has now taken her off my painting desk. Was going to be part of the Paint an Adventuring Party Challenge for last year, but didn't get much finished for it.

Obligatory battle scene

    Mech Attack! is a skirmish game that simplifies the rules to Battletech for those that don't want to read through all the crunchy rules. (though I might dip into the lore a bit more). I have Alpha Strike on PDF, a simplified version of Battletech and it is 250 pages? That doesn't sound very streamlined to me. I first heard about Mech Attack from the Chicago Skirmish Wargames blog. They take the game to a whole new scale, a scale I'd love to build for but for now, I'll repaint my heroclix.

Slattern and Coyote Tango rebase and repaint

Scunner and Gipsy Danger WIP

        A friendly local game store one town over called Dragon's Den has had a couple Resident Evil 2 board game expansions on their sale rack for over a year now. I offered to buy both for an additional discount on one expansion. This was my second big purchase of miniatures this year. B-Files came with 8 zombies, 2 Lickors and 2 forms of Mr. X, the stalker type nemesis that hunts you throughout the game. Survival Horror adds a PVP mode adding 7 survivors to play as in the main game, as well as 2 Ivy plants, 2 Giant Spiders and 2 zombie survivors. A grand total of 25 miniatures to paint up. I also traded away a box Kabalite warriors for 3 Space wolf Thunderwolf cavalry as well as 2 Space Marine Captains and 1 Dark Eldar Incubi and wytch. Broke even on the trade as it would be 10 points total for both. 
Hunk and Tofu, yes, a walking piece of Tofu

    In the Resident Evil game, when tofu gets damaged, he turns pink and has chunks bitten off of him. Hence the pink colour scheme.

Painted: 8 points
Purchased: -38 points
Total: -30 points

Next on the Hobby Desk

    Birds! Well actually mice and rats. I have been working away on Tail Feathers and have finished up all the infantry in the box. I just need to get some pictures taken.

Monday, February 19, 2024

"They are the Nazg├╗ls, Ringwraiths, neither living nor dead."

    So far so good for the painting challenge this year, I haven't purchased any new models yet.... well, that's not quite true. I did buy some X-wing miniatures used for Full Thrust but I don't plan on painting those and thus not going on my pile of opportunity. Now to actually read the rules for Full Thrust to play with them! 
    Hot on the heels of the fellowship are the Ringwraiths. These beings that are devoid of anything expect their will to hunt down the one ring were great to paint up. I thought that using the blue/ purple on their cloaks would make them too bright and cheery but it seemed to work out well. I do have more to paint, I just picked out models that didn't need much work to get to painting. 

Nine would have been a better number.

Mounted Nazguls

Ringwraiths on foot

Forces of Evil

    A good start to my Evil forces, I would be able to run the trolls and wraiths together. Next would be to paint up some minions to be led by these leaders.

Painted: 10 points
Purchased: -32points
Total: -13 points

Next on the Hobby Desk

    Not much painting going on the desk right now, making some 10mm buildings for a game called Mech Attack! which is a simpler Battletech game. Nothing to show yet, but hopefully I can get some time to tinker around with it.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

"I will take the Ring to Mordor!"

    The fellowship of the ring is ready to go on their perilous quest. I really enjoyed painting these up, they have good detail and the hobbits didn't take long at all. 

The Fellowship

The Hobbits, the hobbits, the hobbits! To Isengard!

    I appreciate the tutorial that I used gave each hobbit a distinct colour pattern. Merry and Pippin are pretty interchangeable in my mind, so giving them different coats and cloaks helps a lot.

Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas

Gandalf and Boromir

How are the fellowship boys going to get out of this situation!

    I was going to post earlier, but I have a bad habit of waiting till a set of minis are finished. It just seems like I would get the social media endorphin hit before actually finishing what I started, making me less eager to finish the miniatures? Maybe that's just me. 

    The fellowship themselves is around 600 points for the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. Not the easiest list to field as they are all heroes with special rules, but still can be done. I looked through the Quest for the Ringbearer rules, which follows the ring to Mount Doom with like 28 scenarios. Might be a bit expensive to find all the different models for said scenarios though, but I would work with what I got. There is also a Fantasy Fellowship section in the book that allows for building your own fellowship. Basically a "What if..." rule set, which does sound interesting.

Painted: 9 points
Purchased: -32points
Total: -23 points

Next on the Hobby Desk

    *Soul piercing scream* That's right, time to finish up some Ringwraiths! They are getting their best cloaks from the drycleaners and will be ready to hunt for the ring.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

2024 Hobby Resolution

    This year has been pretty crazy for the old pile of opportunities. You can check out my wild and out of control purchasing habits here. There were a few times that I was giving myself some "retail therapy" after some longer days of parenting alone. Last year this happened quite frequently as my partner went home to support a family member.

    With the variety of painting and crafting I did, I made a system of points to see exactly how much I accomplished. Troops would be +1, Mounted +2, Monsters +3, Small terrain +1 and Large terrain +3. I calculated that my yearly hobby debt was -180. Half those points came from the Zombicide Black Plague and Wolfburg expansion I bought preowned, a total of 97 points in Troops. This has got me looking through all my miniatures, thinking about exciting kitbashing, and sparking the joy of some of the miniatures I had when I picked up the model. 

Here are my 2024 Hobby Resolutions:

Paint what I got! I am privileged to have so many miniatures in my collection. It's time paint up what I have. My lizard brain was working when I saw that Thunder Games and Gifts was closing down, so being the sneaky hobbyist I did make an order and I DID order it LAST year.... but they arrived in 2024. I will be starting off with a small amount of miniatures (only about -32 points) in the 2024 purchase pile. Sometimes you just need that cheesecake when you are on a diet, don't judge me.

Schedule board game/ wargame nights: Between my partner and I working shift work, getting in board games at night is a bit challenging. Usually it needs to be at our house or one of us can go out. I'll try to get better at getting out with both of us.

Learn and play easy convention wargames: I have bought many indie wargames, Planet 28, Song of blades and heroes, Space/sword weirdos, Brawl Arcane 28, etc. These are mostly super simple systems that are designed to get miniatures on the table fast. It would be great to teach it at Prairie Expo, a local convention put on by Comic readers or put on something myself.

Play Solo: There is a lot of solo RPGs and wargames, it would be great to get them on the table instead of video games. I have had a bad habit of staying up too late and the extra screens don't help this. This would help with the previous resolution too, letting me learn at my own pace.

That's all for now, maybe there will be more as we go through this year.

Next on the Hobby Desk

    I have started to paint up the Fellowship from Lord of the Rings. Two are done, with a third on it's way. They are dogged of course by the Ringwraith that share my paint desk as well.


Thursday, January 11, 2024

Rebel Troopers, zombies and the rest of 2023

Looking at how many miniatures I picked up this year, I blame you Zombicide with expansion secondary market purchase, I have started to look through all the miniatures that I own. After all, these were fun projects that I was interested in at one point or another and can rekindle that spark of inspiration. Star Wars Legion is one such project, I had painted the Imperial side of the starter set awhile ago, it was time to start the Rebels

At first I painted 10 rebel troops. But decided to finish the full set, 28 infantry, 2 AT-RT walkers and Luke Skywalker. For how slow I paint it has taken me to right before Christmas to finish up. The white spray primer I used, I believe it was a rustolium, made my paint hydrophobic, forcing me to use more paint to get it to stick. 

By the end I just wanted it done, so some of the Rebels look better then others. Alas, they are done.

Star Wars Legion Starter Set Rebels side

Two All Terrain Reconnaissance Transport

Luke Skywalker

    And now for the random stuff that I painted that isn't Star Wars related, oh, wait, Ron Perlman was a character in the Clone Wars series? What a good segway! Man, that guy is in everything! Without further adieu, here are some zombies I painted and Ron Perlman, both from Zpocalypse.

Zpocalypse zombies

Zombies and deranged Ron Perlman

Okay, he looks more like Ron in person

    Also one hero from Descent first edition, not sure about the base so I left it black for now. I looked up her name after I painted her all pink.

Red Scorpion

     That's about it besides some adventures I painted up, but I will post them once I get better pictures of them. 

Next on the Hobby Desk

Time to ring in the new year and paint what you got! I recently cleaned my hobby space and found many purchases that I'd love to paint! It's time to colour, and kitbash their world. It's time to dig into my pile of opportunity! Resolution time!